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wireless range homehub2

can anyone help, i am trying to connect my wireless enabled tv to the internet via the homehub 2, the tv is less than 5o feet away but there is a 6 inch brick wall in the way, i have tried a plug in usb signal booster but the signal strength on the tv wasnt strong enough

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Re: wireless range homehub2

Hi sh123 and welcome


Do you have a wifi enabled laptop?


If so download inSSIDer - - and run it next to the TV.


Check the signal strength and also check if any other hubs/routers are also on the same channel.


If there are any, move your wireless channel to a free or less congested channel - done via the hub manager


See if the TV now works....

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Re: wireless range homehub2

I assume you have BT Vision since you have posted this here. If so does your Internet TV have an Ethernet port? If it does then a simple Ethernet splitter will allow you to connect your TV and BT Vision box via the comtrend power adapter

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Re: wireless range homehub2

You could change the wireless interface to 802.11b/g (This should make the connection more stable) with it based on channel 4 or 7 which are usually the least congested ones.


You might find the Hub 3 a good investment at £47 if you want to buy outright or free if you recontract to BT Broadband for 12 months or more, I have the Hub 3 and it has the best wireless range of any router I have used before and it saves all of the hassle of faffing around with channel selection/ transmission speeds as it does it all automatically and monitors 24/7.

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Re: wireless range homehub2

Splitting the ethernet connection is always an option and splitters can be picked up for a few quid at Screwfix.