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A note on the standard of Customer Service received via Live Chat

Hi there,



I don't know this board is monitored by the relevant teams that can take the credit but I thought I might as well give it a shot in case someone can at least know they are doing it right, in my opinion.


Usually my method of contacting support is through the Live Chat option as it gives me the ability to seem like I am working while I wait for a rep, or wait for my issue to be resolved.


Each time I have used Live Chat, the agents I have dealt with have been fantastic. Usually waiting no more than a few minutes to join. They were understanding, and each and every single one had the information readily available to them in order to deal with my issue. Most of the time they were able to sort my issue during the chat, and the one time they couldn't help, they were able to get an engineer out to see me the next day.


This has been consistent each time I have used the Live Chat, so kudos to the team(s) responsible. Never have I felt like they were rushing me, taking the time to ensure that they had everything they needed to know before providing me with a solution.


Thanks to the reps for providing a usually thankless service while remaining professional and good natured. One of the main reasons I remain a BT customer is because of the Live Chat reps. That and the fibre of course 🙂


Keep it up!

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Re: A note on the standard of Customer Service received via Live Chat

Hi @Finnbot


Welcome to the forum and thanks for your post!


Normally, it's when customers are having a problem or have a poor experience when they come on to the forum to vent their frustration.  It's refreshing to see a positive post!  Thanks for taking the time to come on and let us know about your experience.


Now that you're here, you may aswell get the sleeves rolled up and keep the posts coming Smiley Tongue





Distinguished Sage
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Re: A note on the standard of Customer Service received via Live Chat

Great post well done