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Re: Ability to Track Complaints in MyBT


Hi Steve

I share your frustration.

I have a fault with my broadband, and after several engineers came to resolve the problem unsuccessfully, subsequent engineer bookings simply did not show up. 

I telephone BT to complain, and the call centre guy on the phone said he would raise a complain. And yes, I have received an e-mail giving me a complaint reference number, but no expected time frame for a reply. But alas, we are in the Corona virus lock down so I'm not expecting a firm date.

These are the reason why we should be able to track complaints.:

(1) Since the complaint was raised by the telephone agent, I don't know what has been documented. I would like to check what the complaint says

(2) Complaints procedures should indicate what resolution looks like. Without being able to see the complaint, I don't know if they are working to my expectations

(3) The most frustrating things about an on-going concern is the not knowing. We should be able to logon and see if something has happened.

BT should step up and make complaints more transparent.

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Re: Ability to Track Complaints in MyBT

Just raised  complaint via Chat with BT Support. Was explicitly told I could track complaints via MyBT under complaints. Have looked quite clearly this is not the case. Raised it with BT Support and suddenly the chat was closed - Nice.

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Re: Ability to Track Complaints in MyBT

I suspect all complaints on this thread have undoubtedly been sorted by now, but for reference for anyone else that may come across this thread in the future - its possible to track your complaint via

Then under the heading "Make a complaint online" click on "Already raised online?". It then asks you to log in and you can see information regarding your complaint. This includes the option to write your complaint in your own words.

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Re: Ability to Track Complaints in MyBT

I have a fault + a complaint on-going; I could NOT gain access through the link shown, to track my complaint, or faults - just says I've timed out with red screen - multiple times tried!

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Re: Ability to Track Complaints in MyBT

In my experience the function gets turned off if they get too busy