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Accepted Solutions

What is an Accepted Solution?

Accepted Solutions are a way for you to choose the reply that best answers a question that you've posted. When you accept a solution, both the question and the solution get special icons and links that take you directly from the question to the answer and back again.


This green ‘solved’ box shows you that a correct answer has been given:





This green tick shows you which post is the answer:





A solved icon also appears on boards and in search results so you can see which messages have solutions. This makes it easy to spot answers to a question you may have but has already been asked and answered by other members of the community.










Who can mark a reply as an accepted solution?

Only the person who originally posted the question (started the thread) or a community moderator can mark one of the replies as an accepted solution.



How do I mark a message as a solution?

If you've posted the original question you have the option to click the 'Mark as Accepted Solution' button on the reply that answers your question best.

acc sol.JPG







What if someone else posts a better answer?

If you change your mind about the quality of the answer, or if another reply provides an even better answer, you can revoke the first selection and accept the second reply.


To change an accepted solution you need to remove the first one by choosing Options > Unmark as Accepted Solution. You can then choose another solution or leave the question unsolved.


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If someone answers your question correctly please let other members know by clicking on ’Mark as Accepted Solution’.