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Authentication missmatch

On two occasions I have had long, researched posts "lost" by the BTCare Community Fora, with an error message similar to "Authentication missmatch".

First, I want to know what an "Authentication missmatch" is, please? Because it was a message sent to this user with absolutely no meaning whatsoever! So, who benefits from knowing that they have received an "Authentication missmatch"? If you are going to send the user an error message, then - for heaven's sake - make the message sensible.

Second, what caused this error? What are we, the users, supposed to do about it? Is this message also sent to someone who can do something about it?

Third, what can be done to prevent this error occurring in future? When I received these error messages, my very patiently researched and typed responses were lost! If the BTCare Community Fora are simply going to lose inputs without any explanation or remedy, then what use are they?
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Re: Authentication missmatch

At a guess, I would say that your IP address may have changed while you were writing the post, so that when you actually attempted to post it, it would have rejected it.


Perhaps your connection dropped, which would cause a change of IP, that is more likely to happen on a mobile connection.


Normally a draft copy is saved by the system, so when to attempt to post again, you are given the option to reload the draft.

I am not sure whether that is the case for the mobile version of the forum as well.


Its best to keep posts short anyway, otherwise people tend to ignore them.


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Re: Authentication missmatch

No change of IP address, and no connection loss either. Not posting from a mobile. No draft copy was saved.
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Re: Authentication missmatch

I often see the same error message, but my external IP address definitely hasn't changed immediately before, during or after posting.


Also, the last time it happened, I'd actually written an essay, and the saved copy only contained 2 words:(


(it was a post where I'd edited it to state "complete crash" or words similar).


I do know that Lithium store the IP address used at the time the post was made, plus the user ID for 2 weeks.

(this could by how multiple acc's are discovered;))



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