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BT Cables drilled in common door frame

I am not a BT customer. To the best of our collective understanding no one in our building is. However BT cables have been routed through a hole drilled in our main stair entry way. These cables are routed through our common stair and out through the rear door frame.

We are looking to repair our common door. However a joiner can't do this while cables are running through it. We are now stuck with a door which isn't properly operational and a repair which is prevented by cables we don't own or use.

Any clues as to the best course of action to have these cables removed? 


As an aside: we live in a tenemant building where space is a premium and cable routing options are likely limited. But is it normal to route cables through other peoples property with non-negligible damage like drilling decent sized (three cables) holes in a door frame? 

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Re: BT Cables drilled in common door frame


You would have to contact your phone service provider, and they would arrange for Openreach to visit, and alter the cabling. There would be a charge for this, depending on who your phone provider is.

This has nothing to do with BT Retail, who run this forum. The cabling up to your master phone socket is owned by Openreach.


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Re: BT Cables drilled in common door frame

In addition to the above, Openreach, who are not a phone or Internet company,  provide the cabling up to the phone sockets within peoples houses for virtually all of phone/Internet companies so even although the people in your stair are not BT customers there may be some who do use a landline phone albeit from a company other than BT.