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BT Have Turned Me Into A "Snowflake" ! (if you're disabled BT doesn't want your custom)

Seriously I am not by nature someone who gets all 'pc' or 'OFFENDED!' but I have a good mind to email a copy of the protocol of the chat I have just had with BT to whichever charity now fights for Deaf rights!


It's a little complicated so allow me to clarify:


I am sick to death of paying BT great sums each month for my broadband. Last night's 'demand with menances' email at silly O'clock was the last straw (i belong to the generation who can't get off to sleep on an unpaid bill). So, once i had paid the lb of flesh BT wanted, I went onto the website to check the process for leaving as I couldn't remember if I still needed to 'request' a MAC code. I found a helpfully entitled page 'If you're thinking of leaving us' which said that BT were sorry to hear I was thinking of leaving and asked me to ring them first -as apparently there might be a special offer or something.


Now I am 'deaf', more specifically I have some hearing disorder which means I can't hear the frequencies that telephones use...something like that. Had an operation as a kid and can hear well enough day-to-day although I still SHOUT. BTW how does anyone over the age of 40 hear anything at all on a cellphone?

So I thought I'd contact BT via the Chat and ask for the email address of the 'persuade you to stay with BT' department. However the nice person on the Chat said he'd ring them and get back to me. He did. And what was the reply from the 'Sooo sorry you want to leave' people?


They suggested I get someone to ring them on my behalf! I know BT are behind the times but this is 2017 not 1917 !

Obviously BT have no interest in the custom of the disabled so I will take my money  elsewhere now for sure.



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Re: BT Have Turned Me Into A "Snowflake" ! (if you're disabled BT doesn't want your custom

Hi @Jackketch and welcome.


I'm really sorry you've had such a terrible experience with BT. I'll be happy to lend a hand if you wish. If you're moving to another provider you won't need a MAC code but I can check if there are any suitable deals for you. If that suits please drop me over an email with your details. You'll get the contact the moderators link in my profile.





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Re: BT Have Turned Me Into A "Snowflake" ! (if you're disabled BT doesn't want your custom

If you wish to migrate your BB from your current ISP you just sign-up with a new ISP of your choice. They should take care of everything bar your final bill. MACs are no longer used. The new procedure is Gaining Provider Led (GPL).

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