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BT has issued me with a contract i did not want

We as a small business had BT broadband at our billing address office, it came out of contract years ago but the payments were low and there was low usage there, we paid £50 a quarter , last October (2020) the bill went up to over £200 for the quarter , when i asked BT they said we upgraded the contract, we did not, they said they would find the phone call when this was agreed and listen to it, low and behold there was no phone call, the outcome of that was they agreed to put it back to what it was. I decided to come away from BT due to that. 

So i went with another company, sent the BT hub back and now i have a £400 early termination fee. I have raised this with BT and i have a complaint issued but when i was talking to the person on the live webchat, I stated we had not renewed or taken the contract out in October and his words were "you never renewed you were provided with a contract" I asked him what he meant and he couldn't tell me.....please someone explain to me, can people just be provided with legally binding contracts that they do not actually have to consent to?

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Re: BT has issued me with a contract i did not want

As a business you'll need to post on the business forum - This forum is for residential only