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BtYahoo login redirecting

I notice several comments both here and via Google that logging in to BtYahoo mail accounts are being redirected back to BT mail login page. This is happening to me since a few days ago. When I then login via the BT page I get an apology that something went wrong and are redirected back to the login form. I complete this and try again with success. This happens every time I log in, send the form twice and all is OK.

Now then factor in that you cannot set up email forwarding in BtYahoo I have now decided to bin this dreadful system and migrate to Gmail. Yes this will give me some work to do in informing all my contacts, subscription sites etc. but boy it will be worth it as I will also be free to move my broadband account and not be tied into BT anymore.

I am fed up with big companies treating what should be valued customers as simply numbers. I also understand that I will be able to escape dreadful targeting advertising which I try and block from Yahoo. To receive advertising from a service I pay for ie. BtYahoo is not acceptable.

So in many ways I am thankful for this latest BtYahoo issue to show me the light...