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Community Forum Page action request

I use a Mac and iPad with Safari browser to access these forums. The posting lists are arranged in pages and if I view a post on a page after the first page (for eg Page 3) when I go back to the full list it always returns to Page 1 and not where I was last viewing. Is this unique to Apple products of does the same happen with other operating systems/browsers? It only happens to me on the BT forums so Im guessing its the way BT have set this up. If so could the web page designers please make an ammendment so that going back a page puts you back to where you were and not back to the begining of the postings.

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Re: Community Forum Page action request

Hi @cooperman

Thanks for your feedback.  That is a tad frustrating I'm sure so apologies.

We'll do a bit of testing from here.



Community ModeratorRobbieMac
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Re: Community Forum Page action request

Firefox with W10 clicking 'All forum topics' takes you back to the page number of the post being viewed, not page 1.

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Re: Community Forum Page action request

That gives an odd action too @licquorice. If I am in Community Action i.e. viewing all topics together using the "All forum topics" action takes me back to the topic that post was in not back to the page I was on previously.

The browser back button should take you back to the previous page but it takes me back to page 1 of Community Action  page no matter what page number I am on. This happens whether using Safari or Firefox on the Mac or iPad. The usual function of a browser back button is to take you back to the page you were viewing previously but that is not happening on the BT forum pages in this scenario. 

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Community Forum Page action request

Just to confirm, my browser back button takes me to the previous page I was viewing as expected, not to page 1.