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Community website - change view.

Why has the 'change view' (by date, views etc) not not working, just reverts to oldest post?

Bt Mail has now just thrown a wobbly (will not open weblinks in a seperate tab).

BT TV Pro box, so many issues, still awaiting fixes.

Have BT not heard of beta testing, or UAT, before releasing updates?




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Re: Community website - change view.

Hi @scharter 
Are you talking about the 'pull down list' at the top of the page under the  'Community Activity' heading🤔??
If you are then you have been lucky to have had these options as all I get is either 'Recent Activity', 'Solved' or 'Top Kudoed'🙄!
I have always wondered why there has never been a 'Sort by Date' option as I prefer seeing newer post first otherwise you have to scroll page after page to find new posts that you may be able to help with😞.
(I am viewing the BT Community page on a laptop running with Windows 10)
As for BT Mail and BT Pro Box....... sorry can't help you with those🙃

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Re: Community website - change view.


If you click on your Avitar/username at the top right of the web page you will find a drop down menu. Click on "My Settings" and you will find a multitude of settings that you can change in order to personalise the way the forum functions for you. 

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Re: Community website - change view.

Wow gg30340, never knew that, great piece of info, trouble is I'll start playing with them all now. Thanks

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Re: Community website - change view.

Thank you gg30340 this was extremely helpful!
I think I have selected the correct options so that I see newest posts first..... we shall see.
Although I still don't understand why they just don't add this option to the drop down list at the top of the page?!?!
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Re: Community website - change view.

Well @gg30340... That didn't work!
I set my personal settings to 'Original Posting Date' under Preferences/General/Sort topics by to 'Original Posting Date' and nada!
I've saved this option and re-logged into the page and it still shows the posts in order of 'Recent Activity' as per the drop down list (I've also tried all other options as well in My Settings). So @scharter was correct in saying that the 'sorting' options don't work.
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Re: Community website - change view.

There does seem to be a coding problem on that page, I tested it with two browsers (Edge & Chrome), OK so essentially they're one and the same thing but the results were still wrong.

My test was quiet simple

  • Change and save preferences away from the default using one of the browsers
  • Sign out and shut down the browser
  • Check the preferences using the other browser, they were correctly set to what I had last left them at so all well and good so far.
  • Click on Reset and then Save. The green Success banner is displayed and this is where it goes t-t- up
  • Sign out and shutdown the browser again
  • Re-open using the first browser
  • Check preferences, they hadn't changed back to the default, I had to do it manually

Might be worth getting that page looked at, there may be other coding errors as well

Community Manager - Retired
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Re: Community website - change view.

Good morning,

Thanks for highlighting this issue and I am sorry you have been unable to change your preference from your setting page.

I have raised a support ticket to have this investigated.  I will update the thread when I have more info.



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Re: Community website - change view.

@SeanD  Thanks Sean.

Community Manager - Retired
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Re: Community website - change view.

Good morning Folks,

Khoros support has updated me again to confirm that the preference changes are being honoured when changed, they have not made any changes to fix this but are unable to replicate the issue.

I have tested this again this morning and my preference changes are taking effect.

When I click on;

  1. My settings
  2. Preferences
  3. General
  4. Sort topics by 
  5. Change to original posting date


When I refresh the page at board level posts are resorted to the original posting date 🤔 

We did have an issue, last week, which resulted in a change in behaviour in how links within posts opened.  Instead of links being opened in a new window, links would open in the same window.  This problem was fixed yesterday I wonder if perhaps this also had an impact on the preference settings.

Would you mind checking this for me and letting me know if the problem has also been fixed for you folks?