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Complaining to openreach

Hi, can anyone point me in the right direction to complain to Openreach? We moved into our new build in July 2018, with an appointment to connect us on August 7th. After 3 visits from BT and underground cabling plus at least 10 surveys by Openreach, we are on the last day of the year and we STILL have no telephone line. We have complained to BT so many times, and they just blame Openreach. 

As we stand we have no phone socket installed and we are having yet ANOTHER survey carried out on January 2nd. It’s now taken 5 months and we are no closer.  We can’t get a mobile signal either so it’s doubly frustrating. 😡😡😡

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Re: Complaining to openreach

Welcome to this user forum.

You cannot complain to Openreach, but you could complain to the developers, as they should have been in contact with Openreach before the building work started, to ensure that the infrastructure was put in place during the build.

There is nothing BT Retail, or any other Service Provider can do about this. All the site visits would have been by Openreach or their sub contractors, as BT Retail, or any other provider, would not be involved.

Problems with new builds are very common, and can take a very long time to resolve. If you search this forum, you will soon see how long some people have been waiting.

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Re: Complaining to openreach

This is the process your developer should have followed.

There is a lot of information on those linked pages, describing what should have taken place.

Everything should have been in place before you moved in.

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Re: Complaining to openreach

Is it a New Build Estate, as in built by a Developer like Barrett’s or a New Build as in a Self Build by yourself or a New Build of a small number of dwellings done by a Small Local Builder?