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BT or should I say British telecoms, people might think or say that the famous BT logo is part of British culture and well known for its high level of customer service….sadly there is a high level but its not a high level of customer service they offer more like a highly sophisticated network of trained liars, staff that wouldn’t look out of place in a SAS training course! Because they repeat the same rubbish over and over, never to give the true honest answer or information us the interrogator need. Thankfully we live in a world where mobile phones have become a part of our lives, and it’s like BT know me so well making sure my mobile phone is constantly glued to my face for at least 2 hours a night, making sure every issue I have isn’t dealt with the first time meaning I get the pleasure to call back again the next day (it’s like a modern penpal!). Growing up I had many aspirations as a child, we all do, and i remember wanting to be like Darth Vader strong and powerful, with my own Lightsaber! One aspiration I never had was to be like Alan Turing, trying to work out what BT are actually doing with my house move, had this been a war even Turing would have been getting his CV to BT’s head office as a apprentice to learn their skills! Its amazing how what can seem as something simple all of a sudden becomes a job for Ethan and co, to make a Hollywood spin-off just to get to the bottom of the issue! (I can picture it now: Mission Impossible – The House Move)!

But as we know it would be far too easy for BT to keep me informed that they haven’t done a House Move but simply started me a new order, BT having to keep their customers informed? How dare I think that’s possible, I mean I only pay for the service after all! Part of the enjoyment is a new game my family like to play which is Guess the activation date? (I’m sure you can work out the rules), it’s a fun game with unlimited players but as you may have guessed by now you could have completed 7 rounds of monopoly, trashed your house, fallen out, divorced and remarried all because Janet got Mayfair ! Even before you are given an accurate activation date.

I must admit though, every time this order is started again, getting a new router through then post has been amazing, I mean who needs Lego? When you can build a fortress out of BT home Hubs?

The service BT has offered me has been some of the worse, had Emperor Palpatine offered me all the power in the world to join the Dark Side but told me I would need to spend around 3-5 days on the phone, have multiple Home Hubs sitting at the bottom of my letter box, speak to many customer service agents spinning me multiple lies, and still have no clear resolution! I would of waited till Luke wanted to be a Jedi, tied him up and took his place because I’d rather of grafted to be a Jedi if I meant I didn’t have to deal with such a terrible company than been given an easy ride to power to go through all this ever again!

The worst company I have ever dealt with…it would be easier to just start your own broadband company with Hodor at the helm because you would still get better service than what BT currently offer! Please stop spending money on Alec Baldwin stood at bus stop and hire some good staff!


Mr Ridge

Or as you would prefer to call me

Customer 10000011110

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Re: Complaint

Hi @Rudeshipyard


Thanks for your post and welcome to the forum!


Some great references to the almighty Star Wars there, it's a shame they're written to demonstrate the negative experience you have had recently.  Sorry for the problems you're having with your home move.


Can you send us over your details and I'll give you a hand with this from here.  We are very busy at the moment so it will take a few days to get back to you but we will give you a shout as soon as you reach the top of our email queue.


Click on my username here >> RobbieMac << and you'll see our contact link on the left hand side underneath my profile picture.