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Computer scam

On 28/12 I received a very professional looking screen message purporting to come from BT, inviting me to buy a new I phone worth nearly £1000 for just £1. Stupidly I said I was interested and was taken through a series of pages including the page where I was invited to submit my credit card details for the £1. When this was followed by further pages, including one which listed company details in Cyprus, I lost interest and exited.  I was though concerned that I had given my card details and sure enough within a short time I received - in my junk folder - a message from the company that is obviously behind this scam (Prime Force BV, based in Holland). The message confirmed I had subscribed to some garbage operation - MentalCapacityShop - and that it would be taking from my card, in addition to the original £1, £39 a month until I cancelled. Obviously I replied to cancel straight away but on the safe side cancelled my credit card as well. Have others come across this operation?

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Re: Computer scam

Hi, welcome to the forums.

If you have also provided any other details, then you may be targetted with emails/post/phone calls/texts etc.

Naturally if you provided any password for any item, unless you chose one specifically for that "event", then you will need to change that password.