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Delivery scam

Hi, this is my first post on this forum.

I have today had what I believe to be a delivery scam.

Yesterday I received a text message advising me of a delivery due today. As I had not ordered anything from BT I was naturally suspicious. this text message invited me to click on a link to track the parcel. Naturally I did not.

This morning I received a message that the parcel would be delivered between 08:15am and 12:12pm. Again inviting me to click on a link.

At 11:36am I received a text message saying the parcel had been delivered. again inviting me to click on a link.

Unfortunately, I was out of the house during that period but a download from my security CCTV has shown That nobody had approached the house during the time I was away from the house.

Well that scam didn't work!

Would the link details be of any help?

Thank you and kind regards.

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Re: Delivery scam


Please do not post any links here. Just ignore the text, and delete it. This type of "delivery scam" is very common.