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Fantastic service

We moved house a couple of weeks ago and there was an issue setting up our broadband and everyone else around here (quite rural) said we’d never get BT sorted and we’d need to join up to the local 4G satellite thing. 

Today my broadband was turned on. Its 2 weeks after I had hoped and not the fastest ever, but it does what I need and I’ve had such a great experience. I spoke to Irene on the phone a few weeks ago ahead of the move. An open reach engineer came out two weeks ago (sorry forgot name) and Jamie from open reach came to the house today to check everything had been set up after he had been digging up lines all day. He also removed a DACS box that was no longer needed. This will make painting the room a lot easier now! 
This has been such a pleasant experience. The gap in service was filled with a 4G hub. Not ideal but it helped, but now so glad to be properly connected again. 
Thanks BT. A good reminder of why I’ve stuck with you after so many years. Top notch. 

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Re: Fantastic service


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