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Feedback on BT Customer Service

I have been a BT customer since I started my household in 1985.


And since 1996 I have been a customer at the current address, getting a brand-new BT telephone line put in over about 400 metres. along a busy country road with two quite "hairy" bends.  It was thrown into the verge, as is common practice.


It worked reasonably well until August 2005 when all my BT woes began for real.


Since then I have had at least one BT engineer repair a broken wire a year.  Some times even twice a year.  The loss almost always resulted in no telephone dial tone and only intermittant Broadband signal.


Nearly every time I was informed that the fault was in my house and each time I was told that I will be billed if it turns out to be the case.  And each and every time it turned out that it was not my equipment which was responsible; nor was the fault even within a hundred metres of my home except on one occasion.


Oh-  I have been erroneously billed for an engineer's visit in the past and when I reported the error I had the bill doubled to several hundred pounds.  Try getting a young man in Bangalore (or wherever) to understand that, just because his colleague made a clerical error and doubled the bill, does not mean that the bill was correct in the first place...


On April 14th, 2014 I made contact with BT about, unusually, the loss of service to Broadband only.  On the 29th of April 2014 I was told by a BT Openreach engineer that the cable was now so damaged that it would need to be replaced from the junction box to my hollow pole, and that this would be done by 20th May 2014.


Today, 19th June 2015 (a year and counting later) it has still not been replaced except in part and is now scheduled for re-replacement of part and this time in its entirety by 5th August 2015.


I have:


  • •  in excess of 300 emails on this matter alone (I have in excess of 400 in all),
  • •  several letters claiming all manner of nonsense, among them two asking for more time to address this for me but telling me of the ombudsman service,
  • •  50 names of BT and BT Openreach personnel,
  • •  hundreds of photos and videos for BT's reference,
  • •  have been told one thing, have it denied by another,
  • •  been passed from pillar to post,
  • •  had at least five "case owners" who have all disappeared (if I had that luxury, I would gladly not bother too),
  • •  have been threatened with case closure if I don't agree to BT's machinations,
  • •  been erroneously billed for works BT authored,
  • •  had more missed appointments than I can count on my hands,
  • •  had direct debits cancelled by BT and then been told that it was an error and then that it was not an error and that it was my bank's fault and, worst of all, that it was mine for not having enough money to pay my bill (given that I have been paying by direct debit for 19 years from this address alone-  I don't think so.  Besides-  even if it were true-  how does BT claim to know?),
  • •  have finally been offered a letter of deadlock (over a year after I first raised the fault with BT) which has, to this day, not been received despite, allegedly having been "put in the post 1.6.2015", and-
  • •  spent well in excess of 30 hours of my time on this for BT.  I am being very conservative as I am not including the hours upon hours I have wasted with telephone conversations and BT Openreach engineers and am only counting the actual time in writing.

All through this there has been the vexing issue of the BT Yahoo Bug which means that some months I am changing my password three times a day, other times at least twice a week.  And why do we still have BT Yahoo email when BT claimed that they were replacing the unsolicited (in that my email with BT is so old that it predates BT Yahoo and I never had a choice about being put on that ludicrous service)?


I notice also that the web-form which I have used over the years has been removed in the past few months.  


In review:  there is no such animal as BT Customer Service.  There is only customer insanity-inducing unwillingness to take responsibility for BT's incompetence on part of allegedly "trained" staff.


Can I blame BT staff?


Probably not.


But I am still paying through the nose at the full whack despite having been told that I could have a "much cheaper service" than the one I am being charged for, have had my request for compensation for the work I have had to do to help BT help me denied, and still am no further forward for all that.


The end.

"may you always do for others and let others do for you" ~Bob Dylan
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Re: Feedback on BT Customer Service

Hi MacBraveheart,


Thanks for posting. This doesn't make for good reading at all. It sounds like there is a hold up in getting the new pole or line in place but I'll be happy to try and find out what's happening with this. Can you please drop me an email with your details? You'll get the 'contact us' link in my profile.





Community ModeratorDaveM
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Re: Feedback on BT Customer Service

Hi DavidM,


Thank you for your reply.


You are right-  it doesn't make for good reading.  It makes even worse writing, believe me.  For example-  the letter I am sending to the ombudsman, despite still not having the promised letter of deadlock, is eight pages long of which seven are time line entries chronicling fourteen months of pretty dismal dealings.  And this is after having already tried once before, only to be told that it is too late due to the nine month window for raising these matters with them.


There is no hold-up with getting the new line in place-  it is finally in hand because I was recently able to persuade BT Openreach to deal with me directly since BT operatives #1 through #42 were unable to get this resolved in over a year.


The problem truly is a complete inability of customer service personnel to coordinate these kind of issues efficiently and without upsetting the vict- erm- customer.  Hence my "feedback" in the only real way remaining now the web-form has been retired.  Because:

  1. 1.  I am not going to spend any more time on the telephone.  Why?  Because the last time I phoned I was told that the need for me to get an erroneous bill for £129 stopped was my fault-  I ought to have discovered their error sooner, ie not five days after it was sent online.
  2. 2.  I am also not going to do a web-chat because he last time I did that I was told that I had insufficient funds in my account and that is why my bank, sorry- BT stopped the direct debit.

In fairness to you-  I very much appreciate you responding but your colleagues no longer correspond with me (I cannot say that I have remained polite for the duration of the past 431 days and would probably want to wash my hands of a customer like me) and there is little time you wasting your time trying to achieve something 42 BT operatives have been unable to achieve.


Thanks for reading though.  Really.

"may you always do for others and let others do for you" ~Bob Dylan
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Re: Feedback on BT Customer Service

I know if you give DavidM and the forum mod team a chance they will get this resolved fully for you they have a very good reputation with cases like yours
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Re: Feedback on BT Customer Service

Today I recieved snail mail from BT offering a few inducements for example registerb in advance for a new supper dooper router the offer closed 1 day before the letter arrived this seems to be a regular ting with BT its the last straw for me may seem minor but you know the straw broke the Camals back and I am so **bleep** frustrated over this I am looking at binning BT infinity (its rediculously pricey ) shame as the actual product is great

If any post helps tick the star box on the left
Just cause Im paranoid dont mean they are not out to get me

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Re: Feedback on BT Customer Service

Nice to see you still active John46

If any post helps tick the star box on the left
Just cause Im paranoid dont mean they are not out to get me