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IPC6023 suggestion

This seems to be an increasing issue on the Forums and as far as I am aware once they have gone through help pages like this one:


And they still have the problem, it seems to be something to do with the configeration of the network. Now to lower the amount of issues why dont we create a database were if people have the problem they pop their details in and it gets added to a list (a bit like contacting the mod feature), where a mod or BT expert goes through once a week or something like that, fixing the configeration for those people. 


If I am wrong about that please correct me 🙂

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Re: IPC6023 suggestion

Hi @rarmitage124


Thanks for your suggestion.


Whilst that sounds like a great idea things aren't as simple as that I'm afraid.  The IPC-6023 message can happen for a multitude of reasons and may not always boil down to a network configuration issue.  An example would be a broadband (speed) fault and cases like this have to be picked up individually.


Thanks again for taking the time to post your suggestion.





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Re: IPC6023 suggestion



an great suggestion which has been muted before but the problem is very few customers who come to the forum actually use the search facility before posting.  If customers used the search facility most of the problems which are posted have been posted before at least once and it would give a faster answer


however the old saying works here


'you can take a horse to water but can't make it drink'

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