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Live Chat History/Chat Logs

Ok so i've been having an absolute nightmare with BT for the last month with **bleep** customer service, promises from people not fulfilled, representatives lying to me and treating me like an idiot.

I've been told a couple times that chat logs are saved on BT's end but the person i just spoke to send they have no way at all to send me the logs which seems **bleep** and can't be true. I've also read forum posts on here from 4 months ago saying you can get them sent to me.

So who do i have to contact to get my chat logs since the last person i was speaking to was apparently unwilling to help me. 


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Re: Live Chat History/Chat Logs

Hi @JoshHusbands

Welcome and thanks for your post!

Sorry you're having problems recently getting the live chat transcripts.  Are you any further forward since posting this?  We can look into this for you from here if needs be?

Also, can you let us know the reason for your contact (briefly) just so that I can move your post to the most appropriate board?



Community ModeratorRobbieMac
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Re: Live Chat History/Chat Logs

i've just been having an absolute mare for the last month dealing with bad customer service, being lied to and let down. i think i've been in contact on 10 separate occasions with further complaints. For example. The person i spoke to yesterday flat out said there is no way at all of getting my chat history but the person i spoke to today said i had to send a letter to BT. This is just one of the many contradictories that has occured that i want evidence of for putting in a complaint