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Minimum height of a line to a house

We have a proposed installation which means that the broadband/phone cable will come to our house from a pole on the other side of the road.  This will cross the road, then our hedge and garden, then our front path.   Due to our house being higher than the road, I am concerned that this will result in the cable being quite low.

Can anyone advise me of the regulations regarding minimum ground clearance for communication cables please?

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Re: Minimum height of a line to a house

It has to be minimum of 5.9m above the road.

Over your garden, there is no minimum height but a general rule would be that nobody can reach up and touch it. The height can be raised with various mounting brackets if need be.

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Re: Minimum height of a line to a house

Hi Dave44

OK thank you.  Before installation commences,  it possible to state our preferred location for the point where the cable joins the house or are we unable to have any say in this?