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Moving/Removing a Phone Box

I own a shop on a small parade. Several years ago the road on one end of the parade was made one way, meaning the majority of people enter the parade from that end and should be able to drive out at the other end.


The issue is that at the other end of the parade there is a phone box. As the number of people using cars has increased the number of cars parking in front of each of the shops has increased, and now it is nearly impossible for vehicles to exit the top of the parade because they have to navigate around the phone box.


The phone box is rarely used, and frequently vandelised, so removing it would probably be best for everyone, however I understand this might not be possible due to the rules that BT must follow. It would be possible to move the phonebox, either just a few feet to the side of the bus stop, or even further up the road where there is less traffic.


Hopefullly the attached image clarifies the issue (the phone box is circled).



Hopefully someone can advise the best course of action.



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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Moving/Removing a Phone Box


You may like to start on this page


There may be a contact number there.


There is also a procedure outlined in this document.

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Re: Moving/Removing a Phone Box

@salawinder if you fill in the contact form that's on the first link that @Keith_Beddoe posted the payphone team will contact you back regarding this. 

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Re: Moving/Removing a Phone Box

if you send an email to with the telephone number or postcode we can look into this for you