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New build not connected to open reach yet.


I wondered if someone can help. I've been in a new build property since 1st August. The house plus 6 others have not been connected up yet. This is due to a truck knocking down one of the infrastructures. Its been built back up, several weeks I've been told by the site Manager. Open reach was supposed to come last week to ensure everything is on for connection. Didn't turn up. Again he is supposed to come out today. We cannot connect to a TV or WiFi as these homes just run off smart tvs. The rest of the site that's been built have been connected and are up and been used. 


Bt tells me they cannot do anything until open reach install the connections. I have my son who is desperate to get online before he goes to university in October. 


Can anyone help me or point me in the correct direction please. 🙂 

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Re: New build not connected to open reach yet.

this is something the site manager needs to get sorted for you as the manager has the openreach connection.  This is a BT retail customer help customer forum and has no connection to openreach

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