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New (to me) BT Openreach scam

Just had a call (Indian voice) from someone claiming to be a BT Openreach engineer working at the local exchange who said that 'channel numbers' on my router would be changing from tomorrow and would be moving to something like channel 586. The initial spiel is quite convincing. What router ? How many devices connected ? How many lights currently showing ? 


Of course I would need to be in front of my PC so he could 'help' me to change to the new channels.......


I can understand how less technically informed people fall victim to these types of things.





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Re: New (to me) BT Openreach scam

Hi @Mooly,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Scammers will try any angle to get access to your details. You've certainly done the right thing by ignoring it.





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Re: New (to me) BT Openreach scam

Hi - I've also today just been contacted by someone purporting to be from BT Openreach.  They claimed that there had been some changes at the local exchange and that my Router would need 're-tuning'.  Given that I had recently had problems with my hub which has subsequently been replaced this did look like a proper call.  They asked me to check my performance  (Ctrl R, perfmon) which I did.  They then said that the Router would need to be 'tuned up' as my figures were fluctuating.  At this point they had no access to my computer and the conversation was just by landline phone.  They asked how many devices were connected and the 'colour' of the light on the Router.  They then gave me a 'partner Id' and 'password' over the phone.  At this point I told them that this was an unsolicited call and that I would ring Openreach direct.  They said they would give me an inbound number to call.  At this point I terminated the call.  Deffo a scam.  I then rang BT helpline who confirm it was a scam.  I tried 1471 but the scammer's number was withheld.  Be aware!! 

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Re: New (to me) BT Openreach scam

I don't know how these people sleep at night. 


Also, always beware of anyone giving numbers to ring in the belief you will think it genuine if you redial and get through to 'BT' or whatever company is being impersonated. They will ask you to put the phone down and redial, however they keep the line tied and open at their end so that you actually ring straight back through to them.