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Re: Possible Scam?

Google for the number and you find numerous examples of scam calls beginning (apparently) with 0122. 

Can I again recommend that anyone receiving even unsuccessful calls like this takes a moment to report the number on

Really, it doesn't take long and it might help.

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Re: Possible Scam?

Had three calls from the same number today, 001 5203209665. Extremely annoying when you are trying to work.Is there anyone at Openreach that this can be reported to?.

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Another "Openreach" Scam

A thickly-accented Asian female rang me at 11:08 today, claiming to be from a company called BTOpenreach. I thought that company didn't exist anymore. A 1471 check afterwards showed her phone number to be 01260985187. Despite the call being said to originate from the supposed major national supplier of telecoms infrastucture, it was a poor line, with a lot of noise in the background, as though it was an amateur-run call centre.

She gave me a lot of nonsense about there being hidden problems with my router which she could help me with. "Your broadband is running slow ... Do you have a computer? ... What does it say? ... Just because it's OK doesn't mean there aren't problems ... etc, etc."

When I asked for her number so that I could ring her back if I did find any problems, she hung up.

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Re: Another "Openreach" Scam

I think I am reducing the number of calls and getting removed from some lists. I now just say "Great I was waiting for you to phone I can only get a blue screen on my PC". They instantly put the phone down and it seems to have reduced the number of calls  I am getting.

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Re: Possible Scam?


Had three calls from the same number today, 001 5203209665. Extremely annoying when you are trying to work.Is there anyone at Openreach that this can be reported to?.

Nor sure why you would want to report it to Openreach, they are an infrastructure company.

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Re: Possible Scam?

Because the people on the other end are pretending to be from Openreach.
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Re: Possible Scam?

I got another scam call this week.  This time I was determined to be sweetness & light, so after letting him speak about my router I asked him Do you know my account number, or my name?   Reply:  No.  Me:  In which case what made you dial this number, a number which is unconnected to my broadband service?   Long pause, then the hang-up!

On other occasions I have said to them:  Your call is very interesting ....... I work for BT Fraud and currently am in contact with Maharashtra Police, as well as Delhi Police.







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Re: Possible Scam?

BT (and numerous other companies) have done a massive disservice to their customers by outsourcing work to India.  Other outfits such as Amazon outsource to the Philippines.  Rather than providing better liaison with customers, they use overseas workers in order that shareholders continue to get a bigger slice of the profits.

This means allowing customer data to be available in foreign countries; there is no way that BT can guarantee that managers of all grades in India are not harvesting data for future use.  Corruption is a way of life in India and Pakistan and of course other places in the world.  Imo it's bonkers to share account info with "overseas partners".  Remember Lutfur Rahman 3 yrs ago and his organised electoral fraud in Tower Hamlets?  He was the effing Mayor!

Someone a few pages back said that our own elections are not private, which is true.  Anyone in council and govt could check to see how you voted.  We all have a voting number linked to our name.  And ever wondered why we have to use pencil for our X??

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Re: Possible Scam?

I have just had a call from an Indian gentleman claiming that my router was being hacked by a person in California and that I had to go onto google and that they had my ip address.  If I did what he said it would sort the problem out.   I wasn't happy with what he was saying and said I had to go to answer the front door.   I have since checked the IP address for my computer and it was totally different so definitely a scam!!!   Beware

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Re: Possible Scam?

We just had a similar call from Indian female called saying that she’s from BT and that BT have changed the WiFi router channel and we would experience problems unless we changed the router set up.  She needed to ‘talk us through the process’ which would take about 15mins.  Then she asked what and how many devices were connected and what lights were showing on the router. Then wanted us to to turn off all our connected devices, iPhones etc, except a PC (Suspicious?). Our phone signal and internet connection had been giving problems so my wife initially thought it was genuine.  However, we did’t have time to do anything so asked for a number where we could call back.  She immediately hung up!!  Clearly another approach to scam their way through the router.