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Re: New India Phone Scam

There are many of these call at the moment. I've had 3 from the same caller in 2 days. Don't answer unfamiliar numbers.
Make a note of the number and check on a website where you can see others' experiences of that number.
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Re: New India Phone Scam

I have just had a call from this location I think and was told that (she) will be saving me a fortune on my line and broadband connection.  She asked a few questions and was politely told by me that she should have that information to hand if she was genuine. She actually promised me four times the speed.  I live in N.E.Scotland beyond Aberdeen and am connected at what I consider to be great for this part of the country (72317 kbps) and four times the speed on my current connection would be near to impossible.  I told her this and she immediate wrang off. 


Be aware it could be you next.

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Re: BT Scam?

BT security is a joke. Two or three times a week I receive phone calls purportedly from BT saying that my broadband has a fault and that I should go and switch it on so that they can check it out. Most of the calls come from 01296 651175. Strangely, whenever I ring them back there is no reply.
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Re: New India Phone Scam

I experienced the same scam a few weeks ago, it was a male and he swore at me when I wouldn't do what he was asking. When I hung up he spent the next 20 minutes repeatedly calling my number.  He then called later by which point my husband was home and he told him we had reported him to police for being verbally abusive.  The phone calls then stopped. I did report the incident to the Fraud Team.  I also spoke to BT on online chat and they told me all unknown number calls would be blocked.  


It's been quiet for some time so I assumed the block was in place.  However yesterday I had a call from a female saying she was calling from BT security and told me someone was hacking my broadband and she needed me to log in to show me.  I asked her is she was really from BT security to tell me some personal information that BT would know.  She just kept asking me to log in to my computer.  I said no, I know this is a scam phone call I have had them before.  She still kept asking me to log in.  I told her if she really was from BT security I would phone them myself to sort the problem.  Funny how she hung up then.  


I had a further phone call this morning but nobody answered then an automated voice said goodbye and hung up.  This call was also from an unknown number.  So much for BT blocking unknown numbers! 

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Re: New India Phone Scam

BT will block anonymous calls but only if you pay for it. See here.

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Re: BT Scam?

Note to the Moderator.  Since the number was in the last post can BT Secuirty look up the address on CSS and start investigating it from there?


Note for everyone else, if you get calls from and unwanted source you can request that MCI (Mallicious Call Intercept) is turned on, this enables you to press a digit on the key pad during the call and it creates a record of the originating number, even if the CLI (number shown on your phone) has been falsified.  Yes it's quite easy to send any old number when your called.  You just need some knowledge and the right telephony kit.  You can't forge Network CLI which is available to BT (Network side not the Sales & Marketing).

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Re: BT Scam?

I came onto this forum in search of other information and simply chanced on this thread, but this is EXACTLY my concern; I am convinced that there is a security leak in the BT call centre in India. (Either that or it's the ICO!)


I made a series of calls to 151 one evening to take issue with worse than the usually poor broadband speed (it had fallen to zero) I was getting. First caller (male) was helpful, and second caller (male) very (possibly too helpful??), but I was cut off before concluding matters (line testing). The third caller (female) was most unhelpful, curt to the point of being rude, and contradicted what I had been told by previous callers.


Over the next two days, our phone was called several times by callers with Indian accents; The first few claimed to be from BT security telling us that our IP address was compromised. They knew my full name, full address and obviously telephone number, but rang off when their credentials were questioned. Numbers were fake, but reported to ICO/Action on Fraud. The last caller claimed to be from TPS - my wife dealt with that one - A very convincing Asian male voice wanting details of the Direct Debit and card details we used to pay TPS. As the TPS service is of course "free" (which is just as well, or I'd want money back), she played along for a while, and it became clear he too only had details of Name, Address and telephone no., and BT account it seems, but rang off irritated when he didn't get what he wanted.


The latter caller in particular was very skilled, and someone could get caught if not on the ball, but I'd already come to the conclusion that this spate of activity was more than coincidental before reading this thread. I do hope that BT pursue this correctly (as TalkTalk did eventually) and solve this security issue for the sake of its paying (and often long-suffering) customers.

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Re: BT Scam?

BT seem to want to pass this type of call off as a "coincidence" even although there are numerous similar reports to what you have reported. ie scam call received shortly after contact with BT's call centres.This will only be the tip of the problem because not every person contacted will report it on this forum.


It happens far to often to be a "coincidence" or not to merit investigation to see if Call Centre Operators are passing on details to the scammers. It should not be beyond the ability of a decent security team to investigate. 


I would suggest that as BT are not taking this seriously and because there may well be a breach of security at their call centres, you pass all the information you have to the Information Commisioners Office. Perhaps they will investigate the matter properly.

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BT Indian Call Centre Security Breach Scam



I do make a point of reporting ALL unsolicited calls received to ICO et al, and even have the ICO website on my favourites bar already. It's because I take note of all the different low-lifes calling that I quickly sniffed a malodorous BT rat on this occasion.


I just thought it worth adding to the clamour to get BT to look into their problem.

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Re: BT Scam?

I received an email allegedly from BT about 18 months ago. I rang them and was advised to forward it to When I did the date on the original email changed from 20 December to 9 January. I later looked at the link to my account and the address in Iran.


Needless to say BT weren't interested in this.