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Re: New India Phone Scam

I have had 2 phone calls today supposingly from Openreach Technical Dept about my interent, they used 0012068556747 number it is a scam as they have used this number before with Microsoft and a BT scams

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Re: BT Scam?

I had the same scam call twice, no fault had been reported

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Re: BT Indian Call Centre Scam?

Had you recently contacted BT yourself though? Perhaps an enquiry other than a fault? That is the point here.


Getting scam calls is pretty loathsome anyway, and there are many ways that the scammers could get your number - or just dial at random - but the concern here is that it seems the scammers appear to be somehow linked to BT's Indian call centre as there a many reports of such calls closely following contact by the customer with the call centre. That is what REALLY worries me - that BT have a security leak giving out personal customer details to criminals who are beyond UK jurisdiction. (And that is also because BT have opted to utilise a cheaper source of overseas labour rather than re-invest back into the UK where their business funds actually came from).


My experience suggested to me that that was the case, and that was before I read what others have reported on here. It happened with TalkTalk, and it is probably happening with BT. BT take a lot of my money, deliver a lousy broadband service, and the customer service to date has been absolutely dreadful, beyond words in fact.  The thought that they have lost control of security and are appearing to deny it or do nothing about it publicly is appalling.

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Re: BT Scam?

You should read my post.."Everybody should read this"  by Dolly Roberts. The last paragraph will be of interest to you

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Re: BT Indian Call Centre Scam?

Good morning, we were with BT until the end of May, but have now changed to another provider and haven't contacted BT again at all.


However, the past three days, we've had three calls from an African/Asian- sounding man saying he was from British Telecom. The first time he said it was to do with mobile broadband.  Today, we missed one call.  When we tried to call the number back, it was not recognised.  A few minutes ago, we had another call from "John from British Telecom Technical Department".  He didn't get any further, as I said we're not with BT and he hung up.  The number that came up on our caller display was 01273 737803.  Before that, the number was 01273 737802  (Brighton dialling code). 


We are registered with the Telephone Preference Service.  I know this doesn't stop all calls, but I suspect that whoever is calling is using a list of present and in our case past BT customers.

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Re: BT Indian Call Centre Scam?

Good Morning


Just received a call from allegedly " BT Technical Support" using 01352733421.


When I asked how I could verify this approach, he gave me a number 015258112311.


As i expressed concern about his call, he hung up.


This followed with 30 mins of me talking to BT 150, about the ongoing email problem problem about spam emails being prevented frpm being block.


BT ..You do have information being passed on.

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Re: BT Scam?

A real problem here. I have been speaking to BT for some weeks now about a BT TV problem and have received hoax calls from the same number. 3 yesterday and 4 so far today. Confidential info is being passed on.
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Re: BT Scam?

Just had return call from them,


As I simply answered " Hello", they responded by laughing down the line.




I believe you should now be paying my monthly CLI charge.

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Re: BT Scam?

I've had over 10 calls today from 01352733421 claiming to be from BT with indian accents.  Looking on who calls me, they have been very busy.  Why can't BT block these numbers when they are obviously scammers?