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Re: BT Scam?

@sharpshot wrote:

Why can't BT block these numbers when they are obviously scammers?

Because the numbers are spoofed.

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Re: BT Scam?

Called 8 times today by fraud BT criminal. On one occasion I said would it save a lot of time if I give you my pin and bank account details. This follows several calls to BT 0800 number about a You View fault. There can only be a BT call centre operative passing on personal information. If BT won't act then perhaps the BBC or similar should take up the case.
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Re: BT Scam?

Interestingly I have just received a call purporting to be from BT Openreach.  I haven't been in touch with BT for a good few months now (although I was thinking of it yesterday when the broadband speed dipped yet again!), but I did have a longstanding support issue with them a year ago.  The number this Indian lady was using was 'unavailable'. She wanted to confirm that I had requested my broadband account to be terminated and then passed me to a male colleague, who I imagine was going to somehow try and gain access to my computer. I asked for his number so I could call him back shortly, and he gave me my own number, then hung up!  Hmmm.  

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Re: BT Scam?

I reported the call to BT, who confirmed that my account is not being terminated and told me over the online chat to 'just ignore these calls'. Not very helpful for vulnerable/non-IT literate people who are put in a panic by the thought of their broadband being disconnected!
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Re: BT Scam?



We have now had two calls from a 'south asian' voice claiming to be from 'BT Internet Technical Department', which I know does not exist. He said that they will be disconnecting our landline and broadband for 3-4 weeks as there is a fault with our IP address! I've told them we do not believe what they are saying, I am a retired electronics engineer and have been using internet services since 1995 so have some knowledge, experience and understanding of how the systems work. What they say does not ring true at all. 


If there is a genuine fault, BT Openreach would be dealing with it and would try to get it resolved speedily. Any issue with IP addresses is a matter for those operating the DNS servers, which is not BT. 


Sadly, reporting these scammers to officialdom achieves nothing as they do not fully understand the technical issues and so take no action. 


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Re: Possible Scam?

Also had a call this morning purporting to be from BT, saying they needed to take down our service for 3 days to "change the IP address". Which makes no sense. Lady who called sounded like from a call centre in India and was not exactly friendly. Didn't ask for anything so difficult to see the scam, but perhaps because I took over the call from my wife, she backed away from what she planned to say?

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Re: Possible Scam?

Neither of these are possible scams.... they are TOTAL scams. BT will not call you to "take down your service" or to "change your IP Address".


The scam is that once they have engaged you in conversation they wil eventually want access to your computer to check setting etc. It as at that point they will install malware on to your computer and gain access to your username/passwords etc.


If you get calls similar to those, just hang up on the caller.

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Re: Possible Scam?

I have had 3 calls today regarding this type of call. !st call claiming there was something wrong with my internet and the 2nd to say they had received a request to cancel my internet. I was suspicious straight away after the 2nd one I called BTand they said it was a scam and the calls were from mobiles. When I got the 3rd call it gave me great pleasure to tell him I knew it was a scam. He hung up.

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Re: Possible Scam?

Thanks for your replies.

I may be have grey hair (70+) but I'm certainly not an idiot, and won't be taken in by unsolicited phone calls or e-mails, but I am surprised by how many people are duped, judging by consumer programs such as x-ray etc, hence this post.


My tip, is to ask the caller up front how they got your phone number, and that will flush out 99.9% of the idiots, who immediately hang up, as the other 0.1%, politely tell them to procreate, and hang up.


Hopefully, fellow forum members will follow suit!

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Re: BT Scam?

Curiously, I moved into a new house, asked BT for a phone line activation and a new phone number. The day it was activated I had a scam caller trying to phish for information......his scam was a car crash accident, and he'd been given my information. I told him this was a new number....never been shared with was that new, and how did he get it? They call everyday now and plague me. I regret getting BT now and I'm definitely sure that BT has shared my details with others......or a corrupt staff member.