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Re: BT Scam?

I too was a clueless victim to exactly the version of events when I was having problems with Broadband. Some person from Punjarbi with an indian acsent was very quickly in touch with me and innocently I gave them all the info they asked including giving them access to my computer. It was only after I rang BT a couple days later that I realised I had beem scammed and have had to change all codes passwords and credit cards. ( there was an attempt made to withdraw £999 from my account but luckily enough my bank blocked this )

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Re: BT Scam?

Presumably you have had your computer checked for malware since this happened.


Did you report it:-


a) to the Police


and if it happened after recent contact with BT Customers Services


b) to BT.


c) to the Information Commisioners Office that you believe that informtion held by BT was possibly passed to the scammers

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Re: BT Scam?

I've had these calls from a foreign call centre too, I tried reporting this to BT and was put in a queue for 40 minutes, I put the phone down and called again.  The second time I got an English female who said the call was not from BT and that I could get a phone from them which meant I could block the calls, this phone cost £50 (special offer).  I'm a pensioner and can't afford to pay out £50. Surely BT can come up with a solution to this problem, obviously someone in their Indian call centre is passing details of customers to these con men. 

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Re: BT Scam?

Thanks for this as it shows that I am not the only one. Whilst waiting for an engineer I got a call from "the BT Engineer" saying he had identified the fault which was malwere on my computer and asking me to log in. I established it was a scam and hung up. Half an hour later the real engineer came and when I told him he said i was "the second customer who had said this today". He did the job but now, a couple of weeks later, I am repeatedly phoned by "xxx from BT Openreach" about a problem he has idenbtified with my broadband. I keep saying TPS and goodbye and please do not call again.


I have reported to BT but no joy so far. I plan to contact OFCOM and Consumers Association because whilst it is annoying for me I am more concerned for the people who are caught unawares and are scammed.


Well done all who have raised this issue and shame on BT for not taking it seriously.

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Re: BT Scam?

If it happened shortly after you contacted BT customers services it may well be the case that your details were passed on by somebody in BT Customer Services however BT seem reluctant to investigate it as a possibility.


I would suggest that you contact the Information Commissioner and report that you suspect your data is being misused and passed onto scammers.


It might also be an idea to contact your local press and your MP as yours is not an isolated incident.

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Re: BT Scam?

Despite being a sensible informed person I have been scammed today by someone purporting to be from BT HQ. I haven't reported any problems to BT so this call was out of the blue. I spoke to a series of males with Indian accents and eventually to a Ben Watson, who sounded European (Dutch maybe). They told me that BT had been hacked by a massive problem and they were resolving it for their customers by ringing them individually and talking them through the 'fix' and hadn't gone public to avoid adverse publicity. They told me they would be sending me a replacement router at 10 tomorrow and would reimburse me £199. They then said they needed to remove the viruses from my computer and with my gullible cooperation 'took over' control of my computer. They showed me a screen that had 12000 viruses...


The call appeared to come from 01242 513503 and each time that we were disconnected they rang me back immediately. I asked for a number that I could call him back on and he said 804 435 5323. When I said this doesn't look like a normal number he said it's the Helpline. 


They seemed to disable my Norton security, and were loading a new security software onto my computer.


They then hen said they needed to get into my internet banking to fix the viruses, and again I stupidly complied and gave them access to two separate banks. They then attempted to remove over £3000 from each bank. Fortunately both banks were vigilant and rang me to query, but the scammers tried to tell me to override the bank's security check. In the end I asked both banks to block my accounts. Even so a fraudulent payment of over £500 went out to a payee stored in my online bank list, someone I know but haven't dealt with for 3 years  - the bank hope to recover that payment. 


But there's no doubt that these people were extremely plausible and persistent. They were on the phone to me for over 2 hours and didn't give up even when they could hear me on my mobile to my banks. 


I have been been very shaken by this incident. I thought I would never be caught out, but it seems I am as foolish as the next person. 


I have eave checked with BT Customer services, who have no record of them contacting me for over a year. And the two numbers they used are 'not recognised'.   Of course...!


I've taken my computer into the shop to be cleansed overnight and they say they have 3 customers a week falling for similar scams, from callers purporting to be from Virgin, TalkTalk or BT. 


BT should send out a warning to their Broadband customers to be on the alert to this type of scam. 


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Re: BT Scam?

Sorry to hear you have been the subject of such a despicable scam. You should not feel foolish or stupid for falling for it. The scammers are very skillful people and rely on people believing that they are dealing with the company that they purport to be calling from.


In your instance it would appear that you were subjected to one of the many random calls that are made by the scammers where as there are other people on the forum who have been contact shortly after direct contact with BT and it is suspected their details were passed onto the scammers.


BT or any of the other companies you mentioned can not do anything to prevent these random calls.


BT do put out information about those type of scams. These links are just a couple of them.


I know that this will be a bit like locking the door after the horse has bolted but no company will contact you out of the blue to tell you there is problem with either your computer or your Internet connection and then ask to access your computer or ask you for bank details.


If you do receive such a call you should just hang up. 


Unfortunately because you fell victim to the scammers, they may see you as "easy prey" and might attempt to call you again in the hope of tricking you again. They may even say they are your bank or from BT following up your recent scam. If they do that, ask them what department they are from and that you will call them back.


Do not use any number they supply you, look for the number you need from the company's online website and phone the number from a different phone from the one the scammers contacted you on. This is to prevent them from still being on the line and pretending to be the company you are calling. 


You will get over this in time but meanwhile don't blame yourself. It is the scum who did this who are to blame.

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Re: BT Scam?

Thanks for this sensible advice. I'll be on my guard!

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Re: BT Scam?

Hi, I have just received a phone call similar, saying that several people were trying to use my broadband for illegal purposes, at the same time my broadband hub starting to flash orange (meaning I had lost broadband connection) when I mentioned this to the Indian woman, she immediately hung up on me. I done the 1471 but no number had been logged.


This cannot be coincidental that I got a phone call same time as my broadband lost connectivity can it?

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Re: BT Scam?

Had about 30 calls from various numbers 01352733421, 01992637896 etc etc


They are all supposed to be from BT about virus on your Broadband, they want you to go to your computer and let them basically take it over. They are not from BT at all. I am annoyed that BT don't do something about it. This only started since I joined BT again. I am with the TPS and ex directory and it doesn't make a blind bit of difference. I have caller display and have a total of 10 numbers with ignore on's a joke. They are Asian males or a female who is very very hard to understand......never mind love you are on ignore now with the rest of your theiving mates...grrr 


We shouldn't have to put up with this.....please BT do something, people are getting scammed out of thousands of pounds. You are a major telecommunications company and you can't do something about it????? I don't believe it.


Very angry customer.