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Re: Possible Scam?

This Microsft scam has been going on for over 15 years to my knowledge.
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Re: New India Phone Scam

I also got a call 30 mins after I had phoned BT and was awaiting a call back,  obviously I thought this was the call back,  went through a few things on the computer ,  then she asked me to type in something (she went through each letter rather than the complete word)   and it was access to remote computer control,   and if I didn't have my BT code then she would give it to me.  At this point,  I said I wasn't letting anyone into my computer and she got quite irritated but I luckily was adamant.  The call was ended and 10 mins later I received my legitimate callback from BT.     Yes,  I think somebody is giving this information to the scammers.

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Re: BT Scam?

Had exactly the same. They tried to do amoney transfer of £850 but my credit card provider picked it up and blocked the transaction. Ihave had to cancel all my cards and have new ones issued, change my online banking details, and on advice from the bank have my computer checked for malaware and viruses, so i had computer health check done at PC World. Reported to police who have had numerous reports of this scam . Also reported to fraud depts of my bank and credit cards as well as BT.

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Re: BT Scam?

Just wanted to add a little bit to this post, it seems that BT are in the process of doing "something" 


See here:


It's in progress and customers will be able to report the numbers as well 


If this does work it could be the start of the "war" against scam and nuisance callers! Smiley Happy

Kind Regards
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Re: BT Scam?

There's a scammer doing the rounds at the moment -- 0203 number, among others.

Don't answer these calls if you are unsure.

Wait for them to leave a message.

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Re: BT Scam?

This definitly is ramping up. Interestingly they knew I was the account holder and not hubby.

so far, I've had 7 calls since 11am this morning. It's now 2.30. I'm disabled and currently am on my own as hubby is gone for a few days to a funeral so I feel very vulnerable.


i have only switched to BT in the last month and the number of malicious scam calls have ramped up so much since switching. I used to get one or two calls a week, now I'm getting upwards of 6 most days. The numbers keep changing slightly so as soon as I block the number another gets used. 


The main number has been 00811784 


im getting more and more distressed. I've looked at the BT8600 but unfortunatly hospitals get blocked as their cans tend to be withheld numbers and I get quite a few calls a month from various hospitals that I attend.

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Re: New India Phone Scam

I was called today 19/09/2016 and advised that the caller was from BT Technical services and that my computer had downloaded a problem to BT and they would have to take me off-line and they needed me to switch my computer on so they could show me the problem. I indicated that I did not just do this without being sure that I was speaking to BT technical services and that I would ring BT technical services myself to validate the problem. She called back at least six times and at one stage gave me both my telephone number and BT account number. I still refused but she rang back with a number to ring in Manchester to speak to a supervisor. She wanted me to use the BT keyboard logo key and the R key to be able to type in what they required. Aside from being extremely rude and threatening to cut my line off immediately for a month.

I worked in India for 14 years and I warned that giving account details to Indian call centres was the makings of a disaster and so it has proved.

My subsequent dialogue with BT (various numbers ) has been a real farce. They are obviously aware but are inept at remedial action. Be warned you senior persons these are really smart cookies and extremely persistant.

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Re: Possible Scam?

I had a similar call a couple of weeks ago. In fa ct I have had a couple of calls purporting to be from BT saing that I have a fault on my computer. In this latest one he asked was I by my computer, to which I answered yes, and he asked me what is the the name of the key at the bottom left hand side of my keyboard. I asked why he wanted to know that, and I was deliberately awkward, in full knowledge that this was a fishing phone call. The guy got very aggressive and I just put the phone down.


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Re: Possible Scam?

Yeah the Scam is still occurring it would be good for BT to do something. Like having a line to call so they can block the numbers and report to fraud squad. Maybe attack there computers.


Guy states he is a BT Technical and then gets you to enter commands.



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Hoax Calls

Hi All This is my first post and promoted by to many nuisance calls from organisations claiming to be British Telecom regarding attacks on my computer system. Do any of you also get these? While the calls are annoying, this is not my main issue. The real issue for me is how do they know what my BT account number is? Presumably this has been released by BT whether knowingly or not, but irrespective of how I consider it an unacceptable release of my information. The consequences are likely to be significant, especially where it leads to unreasonably worrying someone of so called issues, that in reality don't exist, and leading to extorted payments to these organisations. I've tried to get in contact with BT customer services but this is a woefully inadequate service supported by artificial intelligence (so called) and waiting times that are unrealistic and ignorant of the fact that people have better things to do than wait 20 mins on a phone! Does anyone know what elements of our account information is accessible from the routers or if there have been any lapses in BT's cyber security that could lead to information being released? Many thanks