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Possible Scam

Today received phone call from Indian gentleman on a poor line saying he was from BT ringing about odd reports coming

from my BT router.When i pressed him on what repots and which dept he was from he kept repeating he was a BT engineer

and needed to ask some questions. I asked if he was getting the reports at that moment. Yes was the reply. Strange as at that time my router/modem was off as i was rearranging the room. Also i dont use a BT router/modem. My connection can drop/

change but i know its the cabling back to the cabinet and crosstalk. When checking 1471, the number was not witheld ,it was

0121 445 5001 which is South Birmingham area. When i asked for further info or an engineer visit he hung up.I suspect the 

call was via a Skype type connection onto the uk number. I would hope that if there were problems on my connection

generated by my Router/modem BT would contact me in a better manner.

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Re: Possible Scam

BT would never contact you to tell you of any problems.

1. They wouldn't know

2. They wouldn't care and would only react to a report of a fault

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Re: Possible Scam

Suggest you report the details to Ofcom. There are too many scams out there.

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Re: Possible Scam

My experience is relevant here. I was the subject of an attempted scam. I reported it to OfCom and the ICO. OfCom said "not within their scope" because they deal with specific complaints about poor service (for example overcharging/bill incorrect). ICO said that I reported the event too late (I reported it in September this year whereas the event occurred in October last year - my initial approach was to deal with it myself direct with BT but I got nowhere - incidentally my accusation was that BT was leaking customer data via their overseas call centre to criminals - I had circumstantial evidence because the scam call occurred whilst I was dealing with an intenet/BTMail issue with the BT call centre and it fooled me into thinking that the call was from BT but I could not prove my point).


Regrettably my conclusion is that all we can do as customers is to be very very wary of incoming telephone calls purporting to be your bank, police, telecomms service provider etc etc - use a call blocker system (eg BT8600) and also use good PC antivirus/antispyware software. We are viewed as "suckers" by these revolting criminals who want to ruin your life. Personally I am particularly wary about BT customer service/help.