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Possibly one for the mods? Unusual activity towards BT?

Some time ago, these thriving forums where acting oddly.

They were waiting for this following site to load

(posting an image so the name doesn't get picked up on google cache;))



Anyway, long story short, a mod deleted my original posting on this as (at the time):( it was considered not to be a BT issue:|


But the above appears to be at it again, as I type this, but NOT for these forums but the bt business forums.

(I have blocked this script from loading on my laptop)


If a mod wants to pass this on, I have another image that may or may not be of some use.


I know it isn't at my end as multiple sites aren't showing the above image:)

-+-No longer a forum member-+-
Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: Possibly one for the mods? Unusual activity towards BT?

Hi DS,

We'll pass this to the BT Business Forum team, thanks for flagging.

Community ModeratorStephanie
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Bt Sort it out

Once again I find myself moaning non stop having to speak to someone in Delhi who cant understand me and visa versa.  The whole BT System needs a radical shake up from Top to Bottom.


Trying to sort out my DD which once again was cocked up by BT. DID ANY ONE THINK OF PHONING ME FROM BT, nnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooo to sort it out. Cause there **bleep** hopeless. Will be glad to say once this contract is over will be moving to a new provider  as I cant put up with this non customer service. Using cheap labour JUST DOESN'T WORK. Its not Rocket science. All customers want is to speak to someone from the UK WHO CAN SORT IT OUT ON THE SPOT. Surely that's not to much to ask.


Very unhappy Disgruntled slowly dieing a death with  being a BT Customer.