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Re: Worst Customer Service Ever!

That doesn't explain why he was told by BT Retail that the service would be activated on the 11th.
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Re: Worst Customer Service Ever!

I've been waiting 3 months for an engineer to visit
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Re: Worst Customer Service Ever!

Netflix has stopped working on my Pansonic smart Tv's. It used to work fine but now has stopped. All resets etc tried but no joy, spoke to Netflix and Pansonic who were excellent and tried everything but no use. Both have stated this is a KNOWN issue with B.T (especially with the HH3). Having completed alot of research on the web and on here seems this is a common problem, so much so one of the linked threads has been locked by BT. I have just tested another pansonic TV on the HH5 and it works fine. Based on this I called BT to discuss a 'free' replacement HH5 as a long standing and loyal customer of BT's and suprpirse surprise they will only provide this at a cost of £50. The BT call taker refused to put me through to his manager and after repeated requests sauid that he would refer this to his manager Rajdeb Couples but I would not get a call back which is really helpful! I explained that as a new customer to BT funnily enough I would get a HH5 for free! Clearly years of loyalty and lots of money given to BT counts for absoultely nothing! If this is not resolved I will have no choice but to termintae my contract and go eslewhere!!! Not happy!

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Re: Worst Customer Service Ever!

As per the "locked thread"


that you read, did you ask for a replacement Homehub 3, which would be free, to resolve the Netflix problem? 


As regards giving out a Homehub 5 for free, why would you expect BT to do that. You don't have a Homehub 5 and it is not a faulty Homehub 5 that is causing the problem so why would they give you one. If you want one for free you would probably get one if you re-contract and make that part of the deal.


As regards customer loayalty, there is no such thing. Customers only stay with a company because the either like the service they are getting, they like the price they are getting or the main one, they can not be bothered moving to another company.


If the don't like the service, they move, if the don't like the price, they move, if they can be bothered to check other companies and see a deal that they like, they move.


Companies are well aware of that and that is why they don't offer present customers any of the deals they offer to new customers. 


If you do decide to terminate your contract be aware that you will be hit with early termination fees.

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Re: Worst Customer Service Ever!

Hi You can haggle with BT. at the end of my 12m contract prices reverted to standard - complained and am back on a keener package.