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Residential house of multiple occupancy - Charity - looking for any help with setting up Broadband

I am the Team Leader for a residential building that houses 8 vulnerable young people and provide outreach care to the community. 

With the new tier system and lock-down happening throughout localities, young people are struggling with isolation, the only thing that seems to be helping is access to the internet and keeping them in touch with friends and family members over social media, whatsapp and facebook. Although the service I work for has a business account with BT and this includes guest WiFi, this has proved to be problematic and at points non-existent throughout the household to maintain a steady enough connection for young people to use... Currently right now they would like access to Netflix but the guest WiFi is not enough to stream without buffering. 

I suppose I am asking here if there is anything that BT would be able to do for a charitable organisation, or if there is an avenue that I can go down to apply for a grant or funding to get the household their own BT fibre internet so that the young people can keep in contact with friends over these tough times. 


Any help would be gratefully appreciated and i look forward to any reply.