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Re: Service Status - Feedback Wanted

Turn BT cloud back into a first rate cloud storage app, instead of a second rate image editing app.

Used to be top class, auto instant upload, instant auto download to laptop. 

Now just a waste of time and effort, makes me wonder why keep sticking with BT.

Used to stick with the BTCloud because of the instant download to laptop, but with that gone might as well go back to OneDrive. It's more reliable, never breaks down.

Three times on last three months it's gone down or non functioning and if need to reload desktop app, good luck in finding it.

Makes me wonder if BT is actually interested in their own cloud storage for customers.

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Re: Service Status - Feedback Wanted

Have BT Halo I think it is now called but basically FTTC  80/20 as it's been for around 3 years for me.

Service status I think Apples system status traffic lights job is simple and all in one place with the blue link for recent problems where applicable 

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Re: Service Status - Feedback Wanted

I have BT Premium Mail.  

When logging into ‘My BT’  and trying to access my bills, I’m constantly taken to a Pay Your Bill Page.  However, all my payments are made via direct debit, so there is no problem there.


Definitely NOT a happy bunny.... 

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Re: Service Status - Feedback Wanted

Landline not fully operational............ WHY NOT ?

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Re: Service Status - Feedback Wanted

What is a Service Status Page ? what is it for.?

Is it to give the State of current services provided by BT.

Will it provide what services or features are available on the various services that BT offers.??

Currently there is nowhere in the BT help I can find a list of features available for a particular BT service.

OR What services or features change if I switch or upgrade to a new service.

eg.  FTTP  is full fibre to the premises. If I already have good FTTC broadband what will be the benefit moving to FTTP.

It looks like for some reason it is no faster and may be slower and seems to use more network cache or proxy servers and causes more old webpages etc to be displayed before pages are updated.

eg. Digital Voice.... supposed to provide standard landline services over the new fibre digital line.....The landline may work but what features normally available on a landline will not be available.... voicemail, call waiting, voicetext or BT text.

Every time  one rings BT help they are told a different answer.

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Re: Service Status - Feedback Wanted


You started this thread.

I am writing now to ask:  what have you learnt from it and whatb has this new insight led to?

This is, in part, wondering about follow-through in BT.  This community is a mass - a morass even - of disparate threads, but where, I wonder, are the indicators one can look for to see that things are actually getting any better?

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