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Suggestion for BT Account

In the "My Account" area of BT could there be some reference to the expiry date of the existing contract please?


I have been with BT for 3 years with landline rental and calls, TV, Infinity 2 and mobile and over the years I have completely lost track of when the individualcontracts come to an end. Over the years some have renewed for 12 months, some for 18 and one for 2 years so the whole situation has become somewhat fragmented and extremely difficult to keep track of.


It would be so easy if, by each component of your service, there was an end date that was shown in your account.


How about it BT? 

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Re: Suggestion for BT Account

I think BT have decided that it's in their interests if you don't know.  That's particularly true if you are locked into a series of different contracts that all expire at different times.  You end up locked into an endless cycle of renewing without ever being able to get out without a penalty fee.

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Re: Suggestion for BT Account

I think you are right about the first point - it is not in their interests for you to know.

On the second point, I thought the different contracts got renewed together, for example when I added a new 'free' product, my contracts were ALL renewed for another year.

So the downside of a cheap deal is lock in for another year.
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Re: Suggestion for BT Account

That's the idea.  Nobody would renew if it wasn't for the discounts, and BT won't offer discounts unless you're locked in for a year.