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Telephone advisors

I have to applaud, amongst the many justified points about service, the advisory staff I have spoken to recently.

While one issue remains unresolved ( Fibre 900 download!), each and every time I have called, I have been treated with respect and patience. 

Perhaps the nature of the job is to deal with problems and potentially irate customers. Regardless, I am compelled to say ' thank you for helping me, being patient and generally solving my BT related issues'.

That one issue remains unresolved is for another day ( paying£55/month but getting max 180dl) and not their fault.

So.... thank you.

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Re: Telephone advisors

I have to agree. Since installing full fibre a week or two ago there have been (and are to a certain extent still are) problems. The staff I have spoken to have invariably been polite and have always tried to be helpful.

The problems are invariably conflicting statements in the BT site regarding what you are expected to get in your package and what you get. One area causing problems has been the telephone system. I should have been sent two digital phones but was not. I then got four "Essential" phones that were not digital. According to the paper with the Digital Voice master socket you can use the splitter to the HH2 cable to connect older phones. You cannot. The diagram shows a broadband connection (copper cable). The paper with the HH2 shows the phone port "for Digital Voice customers only". The lady I spoke to appeared to be looking at the same diagrams as me and was equally confused. The answer was to remove the new 5C faceplate and put the old one back and plug in the old phone base directly. This worked and then didn't, then worked for making outgoing calls only but then, and continues, to work fine. In the meantime I was told my copper cable had been disconnected but it had not. One guy did admit that it was all new to them as well and they were all still learning. One lady told me to order the VOIP phones from the BT Shop or "do a Google". I had to point out they are not on the BT Shop site or anywhere on "Google"! Eventually a supervisor allowed me to purchase two extra "Premium" phones - that was after I managed to find someone who could tell me the difference between the base model and the Premium one. Still sticking to the six Panasonics we have (big house) rather than the large VOIP phones.... (it's the thought of putting in all those contact numbers more than anything!)

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Re: Telephone advisors

I agree with your sentiments with regards to advisors. I had the problem of claiming BT reward card (unresolved) but I do emphasise to them that it is not them that I am angry about and make sure that before I end the conversation that they realise and understand that. So three cheers to the front line advisors and boohoo to the call centre management.

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Re: Telephone advisors

I've never had any problems talking to any UK based advisors over the past years and I think that much of the criticism that BT get for customer support is just not justified. Maybe it's the approach one takes when talking to the support staff.