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What does it take for BT To have full fibre on our street

Why does BT not have our road (postcode: OX3 0HP) on full fibre?

I know that the BT cabinet is upgraded to full fibre. However, for the section from the cabinet to our road, BT still uses copper wire (on telegraphic poles). This limits the BT speed to a maximum of 50Mb/s, as checked on BT website today. Nowadays this is too slow when three people are working from home and are on simultaneous conference calls. I left BT because of the slow speed; I was very happy with the reliability.  Two companies have optical fibre on our road but not BT. One of the broadband providers can go to 516Mb/s and the other limited to 61Mb/s.

What would it take BT to have full fibre on our road at OX3 0HP? After all, two broadband providers have done so. There is no competition between providers and no choice for the people on our road to switch to a ore reliable supplier. If the road is upgraded to full fibre then there will probably be customers choosing BT over other providers. We have a working population and so the demand is there  for BT To gain more customers. Why is BT not providing our road with full fibre? Is there a procedure to follow to ensure BT puts our road on full fibre?

I appreciate your comments.

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Re: What does it take for BT To have full fibre on our street

Openreaches FTTP doesn’t come from a PCP so BT and or Openreach wouldn’t have upgraded it to Full Fibre.

As to when Openreach may build FTTP in your area you’d have to check their Web Site.

If you need FTTP now then why not switch to one of the two Alt Nets until such time Openreach build there and you then have more choice of CP’s.

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Re: What does it take for BT To have full fibre on our street


Welcome to this user forum for BT Residential phone and broadband customers.

Its nothing to do with BT as a service provider, you need to ask Openreach who provide the network.

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Re: What does it take for BT To have full fibre on our street

Dear folks,

Thank you very much for the time you have taken to read and reply to my message. It has been very informative. I did follow the advice and found out the following:

1) To learn about the technology that powers Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband, please see the diagram on This helped me understand the abbreviations FTTC (Full Fibre To The Cabinet) and FTTP (Full Fibre To The Premises). 

2) To find out when a postcode is most likely going to have the ultrafast full fibre broadband, I followed the link I now know that it planned between now and Dec2026.

With many thanks and best wishes,