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What's the best way to go about this

My situation is that the BT account (landline and broadband) is in the name of someone else although I pay the bills, manage the account etc.  This arose because they were living in my house whilst I worked overseas and it made sense that utilities etc were in the name of the resident person.  Now that I am back, they are going to leave and will live elsewhere.


The main issue is that I do not want to lose the email accounts I have (tied to the current account) and do not want to lose the phone number (all of which the current account holder is happy with).  I know that BT cannot/will not simply change the name of the account holder and that I will need a new account.  I believe I can apply for the number, although I am not sure how to do this.


My question is whether anyone has experience of the best way to approach BT in such a situation and whether there were problems.  I have not had much success with phoning or live chat as the people I got through to did not seem to understand how to go about doing this.  I am not sure whether the best way to do this is to simply keep the wrong name on the account.

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Re: What's the best way to go about this

Hi @JMcK,


The best thing to do is to place an order as a new customer. As long as the current service hasn't been ceased, you should be able to do whats called a working line take over. As part of the order you should be able to link you current BT email address. 


Get in touch with my colleague in the Order Team and they'll be able to help you with your order.