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What type of query should be posted in the Guidance and Ideas board?

Hi all,

This board is primarily for help and suggestions relating to the community forums themselves, not for help and suggestions on BT products or services.  For example, if you don’t know how to quote another post, or are not sure how to change your avatar then this is the correct place to post those type of questions.  It may also be where you post a suggestion for a new topic area or other ideas for the community forums.  

Posts that are looking for help or suggestions with queries relating to BT products and services should be posted in the most relevant categories – eg. Phone, Broadband, TV or Billing.  You may notice that if those queries get posted in the H&S board then the mods will move them to the most relevant board.

What type of posts get moved from this board?

Some of the posts the mods have to move from this board are related to email queries, PCs/hardware queries etc.  As these posts are all generally linked to broadband and your home PC then the best place to post this in is the ‘BB in the Home’ board.  The ‘BB out and about’ board focuses on BT Fon, BT Openzone, BT Mobile Broadband, and the BT Broadband Anywhere service. 

If you are not sure where to post, read the list under each board title, this should help you choose where to post.  If you are unsure, make your best guess and the mods will move it if they need to. :smileyhappy:



Community ManagerStephanie
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