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fraudulent insiders

Just an observation i am noticing every time i contact BT a scam call or email arrives like clockwork. 

Ordered an item a fews day,s ago and on the very day dely was promised a scam DPD courier email arrived saying they wanted to confirm my delivery and would need my personal details to confirm i/d.

Today contacted BT re a query, within 3hrs a scam "your internet is about to be cut off " call was recieved.

Is there a serious fraud problem within BT that is not in the public domain ? 

Perhaps you more knoweledgeable guys out there know better than me.


Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage
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Re: fraudulent insiders

It has been strongly suspected by regular users of the forum that BT's customers details are being "passed on" by "somebody" within BT after the customer has had contact with BT.

Over the years this has been repeatedly denied by the forum moderators who say it is just a "coincidence" that this frequently happens after a BT Customer has had interaction with BT.

Unfortunately you will need to make up your own mind about whether or not it is a "coincidence".

Given the number of times that this has been reported to happen shortly after interaction with BT I know what I think!