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"BT Broadband Technical Support" scam calls


I'm new to this BT Community thing so please bear with me in case I have posted on the wrong board here but I wanted to make all BT Broadband users aware of a particular phone scam which I nearly fell for this morning.

It started when I received a phone call from someone with a strong "Indian" accent claiming to be from the "BT Technical Support department". He said that the BT OpenReach engineers had been working on my local telephone exchange (and were still there) and that, as a result, some customers might be experiencing problems with their broadband routers. He even named the local telephone exchange and gave me the BT engineer's "ID number" and "password" in case I needed to report an issue later on, which made the whole thing seem totally plausible. So no doubts of any kind in my head at this stage !

He then asked me if I had my PC turned on, to which I answered "Yes", so the next thing he got me to do was to press the Windows key at the bottom left of my keyboard (the one with a little Windows icon on it) while holding down the R key on the keyboard. This produced a small dialogue box called 'Run' at the bottom left of the screen, into which he told me to type the word 'perfmon' and hit the Enter key. Doing this then brought up a small window called 'Performance' with a kind of graph with squiggly coloured lines in the middle of it - he said this was to check the router performance readings (but nowhere on this screen was there a mention of the router !).

It was only when he then asked me to download the Teamviewer 11 program that I immediately became suspicious. (Just in case any readers may not be aware, Teamviewer is a PC program which, once you install it, allows others to access your PC remotely from anywhere in the world !) Anyway, when I asked why he needed me to do this, he said it was so that they could check the status of my router for me. Again, I smelt a rat (the second one by now, ha ha !) and it was at that point that I told him that I had to go and so I hung up. He tried calling me again later but of course this time I just ignored the call. I then rang BT's own, genuine fault-finding number (0800-800-150) and reported the issue - the lady said that what I had described was well known to the staff at BT. 

The two numbers that came up on my phone display for these scam calls were as follows:

07753097023 and 04622434325

Avoid answering these two numbers, it goes without saying ! And one final piece of advice: check out the following two websites for lots of info on avoiding these types of scam (and other types):

Above all, be safe and sensible ! Be careful who you answer the phone to !








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Re: "BT Broadband Technical Support" scam calls