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"Top Rated posts" - replace by another measure?

Am I right in thinking that threads appear on the list of "Top rated post" on the main menus because members have starred some replies on that thread?


If so, wouldn't it be better to show threads that are currently "hot"? For example there are 410 pages (and still growing) on this thread:


The impression that I have is that those members who are contributing are far more interested in the serious issue than starring good posts.


It would also ensure that anyone coming to this forum for the first time will see immediately what is the main topics of concern.


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Re: "Top Rated posts" - replace by another measure?

Taffy, treat that post as starred lol Smiley Happy


It's always struck me as odd that the Top Rated posts use starring as the criteria. You end up with threads at the top in which many people have little interest, or are not widely relevant.


Much better to have threads rated according to the interest they attract - views and/or contributions.


I too have noticed that the email hacking thread has few starred posts yet thousands of Views, and hundreds of Posts.

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Re: "Top Rated posts" - replace by another measure?

Thank you FloFosterJenkins.


I hope that the absence of posts here from the posters on the


thread simply reflects they are still sorting out that mess, rather than a lack of support.


That thread should be a sticky imho to alert new visitors to the forums of that major problem.