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unsolicited tech calls

I reported a broadband problem to the BT call centre (India?) yesterday. and within hours got two calls offering to help sort out the problems with my PC, one was from Affrica, Lesotho I believe, the other was 'international, out of area'.

Now I know of other people receiving these calls, but I've never had any, but on the day I report a broadbanp fault, I receive two, something smells fishy to me, is somebody selling numbers.



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Re: unsolicited tech calls

You are right to be concerned. I got caught out in similar circumstances last year. I was dealing with BT via phone and the secure "chat" facility. I then got a phone call purporting to be BT Technical Help (english voice). Said they wanted to help me but just needed to go through a few details first (Name, DOB, address, tel no etc). I only twigged that it was a scam when they asked for my password and I told them it was utterly ridiculous and then I put the phone down. Took me a lot of time and effort to advise various organisations that I had been a victim of a scam. The circumstances last year (October) were rather similar to today - difficulty getting connection to BT website and login which persisted for several days and I wasn't the only one complaining about the problem on the BT Community website. I had a theory (but I cannot prove it) that criminals mount a DDOS attack on a website, people start complaining about the problems of not being able to access the website and then somehow the attackers are able to put names/contact numbers to complainants. So everyone needs to be very cautious when they get incoming telephone calls - you need to be absolutely certain about the identity of the caller and under no circumstances accept their assertions that they are "BT Helpdesk" etc. This type of scam has a neme - "Vishing". You have been warned !!

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Re: unsolicited tech calls

Your are probably right that somebody is passing on information but unfortunately there is little if anything you will be able to do about it because BT seem unwilling to accept there may be a problem and will put your experience down to coincidence.


See this thread


and if you search the forum you will find many more like it.


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Re: unsolicited tech calls

I have just had a call from an asian sounding operator saying it was 'British Telecom' informing me that there was a problem(No) with my Internet connection(No) and I would have to upgrade (No ...I upgraded in May) at that point I asked for a callback number and they hung up ....this was a new one on me. made a change from that other scam 'This is the Windows team here, you have a problem with your computer'.   Keep Safe guys    and when was the last time you heard it referred to as British Telecom from a genuine BT call?

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Re: unsolicited tech calls

Had a call this morning, supposedly from BT Technical Department telling me that our Internet connection was being hacked between midnight and 4:30 AM most nights. Explaining this is why the connection is getting slower and slower (it is not getting slower anyway).


Asked if we are using it between those times and for access to my PC, told her no and put phone down, not heard from since.


Far to many Asian Scammers operating.


Even if it was a valid call, someone hacking a braodband connection is their issue, nothing to do with us.


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Re: unsolicited tech calls

Message to Moderators:


It appears that many people are being scammed in this way. We've had two such calls and as I am a retire electronics engineer I know what they are saying is false. Question is, where are they getting our ex-directory number from? There must be a problem within BT that they are ignoring. 


Please use your influence to get them to properly investigate what is happening.


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Re: unsolicited tech calls

Same here.....   English speaking, foreign voice asked for access to my pc to check phishing problem.

No thanks and hung up.

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Re: unsolicited tech calls

We had at least 6 calls some weeks ago purporting to be from BT engineers.  They say my router is downloading data onto my PC and the problem needs resolving.  I an Ex IT Network manager and know that this is definitely a scam.


I told each caller that I did not have a router nor a PC.  After a few days they finally gave up.

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Re: unsolicited tech calls

Just had a call from "British Telecoms" (with a very strong Asian accent) saying my internet was going down in 3 hours.

I asked for a call back number to ring - it seems his telephone suffered a sudden line fault, as he was gone and didnot call back.

B.T. must train their operatives better, and improve their equipment reliability....

It is 3 hours later now, and the Internet is still up and running.

Trust BT to be late again.

P.S. I do not use BT internet (knowingly), I use another IP.


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Re: unsolicited tech calls

The same voice called twice again several days ago.  I asked him if anyone ever believed what he said and called him an idiot. 


The phone line went dead.