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Re: unsolicited tech calls

@Broadmarsh wrote:

The same voice called twice again several days ago.  I asked him if anyone ever believed what he said and called him an idiot. 


The phone line went dead.

These calls come in what appear to be waves or clusters.

Had 5 calls yesterday and one today.

Only two answered, yet the other callers left no messages.

Current nuisance topic is 

1./ Microsoft support services.

2./ BT support services.


Previous wave of callers were related to Double Glazing, (that was last week).


It's Christmas.

Beware of the occasional scammer!

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Re: unsolicited tech calls

Yes I know they come in waves and clusters.  That is why I say nothing and wait for them to talk first.  


Being a retired IT professional with lots of time on my hands, I quite enjoy baiting them.  Perhaps I shoudn't but I enjoy it knowing it is the same guy.  Like yesterday, I asked him if he had got the message yet......... He hung up. 


The last guy said he was from the Telephone preference Service saying he could help me stop the illegal marketing calls and that I was on the list that gets passed around scammers.  Yep I said that is how you got this number.


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Re: unsolicited tech calls

Like a number of the other posters I have received calls on the last 2 days saying that my internet line is being hacked into. The caller had a strong Asian accent and was very persistent. He wanted me to sign in to my computer whilst he was on the line so that he could show me what was happening and correct it. Very dismissive of the protections in place and very persistent. He will probably call again in an evening or weekend as I simply told him that I could not access my computer at the time. Having seen these posts, I am assured that my concerns were right. He even said that I could call BT to confirm that he was a genuine caller. 

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Re: unsolicited tech calls

I have changed tack now and advise HIM I do not have a router or broadband and they have now stopped.