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11mbps but neighbours getting 60-68mbps

Hi all, 

I have just moved into my first home and trying to get a new broadband package for it. 16 of my neighbours (including houses joined to my house) are getting speeds of 60-68mbps, however I am only being offered speeds of 11mpbs.

I originally checked 3 months ago where BT told me they were getting full fibre installed by October 22 (which I have now been told won't be until next year at the earliest) and that I could get the lines changed if they weren't appropriate at the address at no extra cost (I have this included in an email from them).

I have now just spoke to BT to get this set up who have changed their minds and said there is nothing that can be done about it and that they have spoke to open reach who have also said there isn't anything they can do. 

I am really struggling to believe that nobody can do anything and have said I will pay for new cables or whatever needs to be done but they are still saying they can't do anything. If anyone knows if there is anything in particular I need to ask for, somewhere to contact or have been through the same thing please let me know. I am used to speeds of up to 100mbps, work from home and my partner is a gamer so this is just awful news. 

Thanks for any help.

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Re: 11mbps but neighbours getting 60-68mbps

Are there no spare Ports in the DSLAM?

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Re: 11mbps but neighbours getting 60-68mbps

Put your phone number or address in here & see what results you get. I suspect you'll find the VDSL service says "Waiting List", meaning that the local cabinet is full. If it also says that FTTP is unavailable then there's not much you can do. Paying for cables (FTTP on demand) will run to thousands.

So you may just have to sign up to the lower speed & wait until either a port on the cab becomes free for FTTC or the fibre roll-out is complete for FTTP. Or maybe look at 4/5G provision instead.

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