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A cancellation question


I recently upgraded to Fibre 2 (last Thursday) however I was very disappointed in the speed boost (2mb) so I decided to cancel the upgrade within my 14 day period, I was told this has been done (can take 5 days) and I will return to my original deal. I have since received an email stating - "

What I have done
I have been unable to revert you back to your previous package as this specific package has now been discontinued.  I am sorry for this change causing this disruption.
What I have done instead is, removed your contracts from  SuperFast Fibre package to give you freedom on what you wish to change your package to.  You can either pop on to see your latest personalised deals or/and review your package direct with us on 0800 800 150 where we would be more than happy to chat with you about them.
I have now closed your issue as fully resolved"
So I'm not overly sure - what package I have or if I still have a contract and the BT site still shows Fibre 2. Not confusing at all. Anyone help?
Also if my contract ends on the 21st December anyone got a rough idea what switching with a month left would cost?
Thank you
P.s - I should add that the original cancellation was done via the phone and the email came from someone completely different.
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Re: A cancellation question

The email has advised you on exactly what to do, either check on mybt what is available or ring in and discuss it.

If you mean switching provider then if you arranged the switch for 21st Dec there would be no charge.

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