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Accepting Orders

My local exchange was on the exchanges accepting orders PDF (as FTTC /P available now) for months but the web never allows me to sign up for Infinity although it says it is a Enabled Area.


How can I get more help or an estimation? well, last time I asked one of the agents told me this would be available for December 2014, I'm still waiting..

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Re: Accepting Orders

An exchange being upgraded does not mean that the cabinet that your property is connected to has been upgraded with an FTTC DSLAM.


Please enter your phone number into the following checker and post the results. Don't forget that this is a publically viewable forum so do NOT include your phone number when you post the results:


You can also try entering your phone number into the Openreach superfast check and see what it says:

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Re: Accepting Orders

Thanks, but I already know that.


Why do you want to know my results from



Like I've mentioned on my original post, the openreach check says it is a EA, but the cabinet is not done. well it said it for ages. I posted the results anyway


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Re: Accepting Orders

Your cabinet has obviously not been upgraded. If you use this form to contact Openreach they may be able to give you an idea of when and if it will be upgraded.


If you get an automated response just keep sending the form and you will eventually get a proper response.

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Re: Accepting Orders

I had a similar problem -  got the postcard, checked Openreach and Superfast Cymru - both say it's on. Then I tried to upgrade via BT's website, which told me that Infinity isn't available in my area. Who is right? It tuirned out that both of them are,
I tried the sales people and the operative confirmerd that we can't get BT Infinity here - but I could get 'Faster Internet'.  This sounded better trhan what we already have, and when it came round to setting up the details it turns out to be fibre-to-the-cabinet, just not as fast as Infinity. (In our case this is because we are on the end of 3km of copper wire from  our nearest green cabinet.)

I found an explanation of Faster Internet here:,402,403

 The sales person reckons we should get 11Mb/s which beats our current 3Mb/s on standard broadband . . . but I haven't managed to find any way to order it directly from the website. Try the phone- I used 0800 800 150 and told the 'bot that I wanted to order Infinity. Good luck.


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Re: Accepting Orders

If you are 3km from the cabinet I wouldn't bet on getting 11Mbps. If your line was 100% perfect and in ideal conditions you may get 7 or 8Mbps if you are lucky but even then I would doubt it.


See graph for speed over distance.



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Re: Accepting Orders

Enter your phone number and post results. Remember to delete number.


To upgrade try  0800800030 who are U.K. Based. They will understand faster broadband

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