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Account expiration date

In December 2011 I moved from Virgin to BT and even before starting the service I realise that BT had some non positive issue as they delayed by nearly one month the starting of the BT Infinity service in my zone. In fact I decided to close the service with BT as soon as possible. Then finally in Jan 2012 they started the BT infinity service and so I started my count down for the 18 months making sure not to add any other service to the account. In May 2012 they did the free speed upgrade for BT Infinity and as I was paying the maximum for that service I asked for my upgrade too and I don't remember that anybody told me that because of this upgrade I was extending the contract with BT. Today I called BT to cancel the call diversion and I asked them to confirm if it was June or July 2012 that  I can close the contract as Virgin and Talking offer similar services for less money and even 6 months half price (from BT I received nearly no discount... also because of the fact they botched the starting date of the BT Infinity service and I forced myself to survive the first weeks with a very slow ADSL connection when in that moment I was used to a 10 MB connection) and today I was told that I am obliged to stay with BT up to November 2013 just because of that free speed upgrade I asked and obtained in May 2012... After all I was even paying the maximum tariff for the BT service and therefore I was not getting anything extra but just what any new customer was getting by paying exactly the same amount of money (and even receiving some discount I never received). No need to say that Virgin and Talk Talk presently have 12 months contract versus the 18 moths of BT... I think this is another lesson from BT to consider in the future... After all since December 2012 I have not even renewed the call line saver as I was afraid to waste money by paying one year in advance if I leave after 6 months...

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