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Activation date pushed back twice


I recently moved into a new flat and told BT 4 weeks in advance that I will be moving and I was told the line would be activated on the 27th of June. That day passed and only the phone line was activated. I called up and was then told that there was an issue with activating Infinity broadband so they gave me another activation date which is today. Today I called just to check if everything was fine and after about an hour of waiting in queues I was told that the order got "lost in the system" and that a new activation date has been set for the 16th of July.

Is this normal? How many times can they push back the activation date? Im considering cancelling my contract as it's becoming more and more frustrating. Can I cancel my contract if they haven't provided me with the full service?

I depend on the internet as I work from home and I've pushing back deadlines as I can't work properly without it. I already spent £80 on topping up mobile data and I just can't afford to keep working like this.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Can anyone give me some advice?
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Re: Activation date pushed back twice

activation is by openreach who own the lines so regardless of ISP apart from cable you will need openreach to install/activate your connection.  


as this is a residential line and is not supposed to be used for business purposes albeit many use it for checking business email and casual business use.  there is therefore no consideration about loss of business.  did you consider a business line which would give you a better level of service guarantee

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Re: Activation date pushed back twice

Hey imjolly, I didn't get a business line as it will be mainly for home use. Im working from home for 2 months before starting a new job. It's not a loss of business matter for me, its just an annoyance as I would have liked to get an accurate activation date from BT rather than a guesstimate.

The previous tenant had BT Infinity as well so I thought it would have been a straight forward process.

I saw an Openreach engineer at the cabinet down the road this morning so I figured they were on it (if that's the cabinet that supplies our block).
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