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Activation in New Build property

Please help! 

We first spoke to BT on 18th March, ahead of our move in to a new build property on 26th March - they said Open Reach hadn't set us up yet but that once they had, we would be ready to go live within 72 hours. We had an Open Reach engineer come on 22nd March to set us up. 

29th March, we are then told our activation date would by 9th April. We called BT and they told us that it would be the 6th April and he didn't know why we had been told the 9th OR the 72 hours information, but that they would send us an emergency hub to use temporarily which would be sent next day delivery.

Nothing arrived next day, and as it was the bank holiday we waited and then called BT back and they confirmed that nobody had sent anything out to us and he wasn't sure why we were told anything would be sent as this wouldn't be a resolve until after an activation date has passed. As it was now the 6th April, he confirmed that our internet would go live by midnight so no further action. 

 7th April, the internet had still not gone live. We called BT again, and this time they said they our activation date was actually the 7th and they didn't know why we had been told the 6th, but that they had spoken to an Open Reach engineer and confirmed our account was committed for the 7th and would be activated by midnight so no further action. 

Its now the 8th, and we have no activation.We are both working from home and have now burnt through our phone data trying to tether.

Who can we talk to to resolve this and quickly?? I am getting so SO frustrated by being given a different answer every day in which someone at BT essentially says "my colleague was wrong, here's some new information". 

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Re: Activation in New Build property

Hi @CW14 

Welcome to the BT Community and thanks for your post.

I'm sorry for the confusion with the different dates you've been given for your services to be activated at your new address.  I can definitely see where the frustration has came from with the conflicting info you've received. I would feel exactly the same.

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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